Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Surf's Up

Two great weeks at OBX, but no internet. Good surf the first week with crystal clear water about 80 degrees.
Good even me to surf.
When the surf was too broken for boards the boys body surfed for hours.
Several days were red flagged for swimming but the wind was terrific for kites.
This guy has quite the pull and we flew at Kitty Hawk dunes too.
Then we got out the stunt kite.
Two lines control the stunts.
We had two sizes.
 Mostly we just relaxed.
And watched the world go by.
I. Love. The. Beach.

Then we got home. Pulled into the drive and tried to reverse the van to unload. Uh Oh. No reverse! we were so lucky to get in the drive. The van went off to the transmission specialists today. 

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  1. Great pictures Pat. I LOVE THE BEACH, too. I think I came from the sea. So glad you got home safely! xo Nancy


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