Monday, December 14, 2009

Trim the Tree Part 2

I have been using my Mom's artificial tree.  My Mom was VERY particular about her trees.  Before old age set in she had no truck with artificial and always tasked my Dad to search for the perfect tree.  One year we had three!  The first one did not cut it and she made my Dad and  PFS take it back!   AND it was already decorated...with tinsel hung individual strand by strand!  The replacement likewise was not up to par ... so back to the tree seller it went.  Three was the lucky charm.  Finally she gave in to age and bought a really nice shaped "fake" tree.

Here's our family room and the tree, trimmed up for the holidays.  E trimmed most of the tree, unsupervised!  He has a good eye for someone a week shy of 8 years old.

Some of the many ornaments....some newish, some from the 60's.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  Some of our first ornaments...from the Smithsonian

From my Mom...

This angel was part of the mobile over the baby crib.
I'm drawn to angels, birds, and wooly things  like the sheep or the snowmen made of wool.

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  1. Look at all those fun ornaments. And he did a great job. xo Joan, your Vintage Christmas Monday hostess

  2. I have the same green and white knit stockings ornament! I found it thrifting this year. How funny to find you have the same set :) Beautiful tree!

  3. That is one beautifully decorated tree! The shape of the tree is so nice, and that baby buggy looks great in front of it, with the teddy bear and poinsettia in it!
    Merry Christmas and Happy VCM!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing the unique ornaments on your tree and hearing some of their stories....

  5. Beautiful ornaments...I love your buggy.

  6. I love your tree - how great that your 8 year old decorated it. I am such a control freak about our trees - a bit like the way you described your Mom :) The kids love looking at the decorations though - shouts of I remember this, or that;s my favourite - great fun.


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