Thursday, November 13, 2014

Woodsman, Woodsman...

Spare that tree. The double cherry at the driveway was glorious in the spring.
But it had issues. 
Those were favorite snacking spots for the woodpeckers. But nope. These signs appeared on the street this week by both trees at the head of the drive. Technically the trees are on city land.
I was not home when the deed was done...thank goodness, I'd have cried. The city only took this one on the right down.
All that's left.
The good bit of news was the City Arborist came by and inspected the magnificent magnolia.
He said is the largest in Alexandria and dates from the 1860's. I'm guessing it was planted 1865ish to replace the clear cut done to the land when Camp California occupied the whole area down to Cameron Run and the Federal railroad center. Our neighbor up the hill has the largest beech tree in the city.
 I'll miss the blossoms.

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