Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuscon Thoughts

I'm sure the law of six degrees of separation applies to many of us.  The shooting in Tuscon has touched the country.  And our world is indeed a small world.  Our good friend Dave had been friends with John Roll since 4th grade. He also knows the Congresswoman and her aides.  Anyone with a nine year old has to feel the pain of her family.  We are one nation, one family.  Let's not be a dysfunctional family.  We need to work together without the meanness that has grown too common in life today.  It is a time for the rancor of political rhetoric to end. As teachers say:  "Model good behavior for our children."  That goes for family conversations around the dinner table, neighbors in our communities, pundits on the tube, politicians on a soapbox, and leaders around the world.

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