Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sea Weeds

No, not the ocean kind.  These were growing on land around Hatteras Island.

Rose hip tea?  For more flowers from around the world visit Today's Flowers # 109.


  1. Love the rose hip tea shot!

    Yellow Rose, have a safe labor day tomorrow.

  2. A lovely series of flowers. I've never had rose hip tea before and will have to give it a try one of these days. Those sea grasses are lovely and reminds me of the ones I've seen on the sand dunes the last time we went to the coast of North Carolina. That's been years ago now and would love to go back one day. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the Labor Day weekend.
    An English Girl Rambles

  3. Beautiful blooms!
    Happy new week ahead.


  4. The grasses are so beautiful! Next is gaillardia, and a member of the morning glory family...
    Lovely, all of them

  5. the sea weeds look like Chinese bamboo under the moonlight.:p

  6. Very nice photos and I've said it before... your photo of your home is beautiful... love it! L

  7. That seaweed is beautiful :) Is that Clarkia I see there as well? It's really pretty. Great shots.

  8. Hi Pat... regarding the stained glass window... I assume you're referring to lead came? Some early pieces had a zinc material I believe and the lead solder will not adhere... I've run into this before, but it's really not my area of expertise as I work with copper foil entirely. If, indeed the window is lead came, I shouldn't think there would be a problem... I'm assuming from your note that it's a matter of some of the intersections being disconnected... L

  9. Lovely shots and I especially love the grasses and the single blanket flower!

    Thanks for visiting my Guest Friend post. :)


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