Monday, March 28, 2011

Flowers a la Eddie

Eddie Ross  tweeted a great arrangement idea that I just had to make my own.  I have out of town guests coming this week and already had an arm full of yellow flowers from the grocery store that I planned to use with daffodils from the yard.
On the table ...
 I used my silver rowing trophies and baby cups on a silver cake plate.
'Course I'll have to add daffs during the week, but the mums, carnations and lilies should be fine.
 Lookin' fine.  Thanks Eddie!
To round out the house I put flowers downstairs in the "Smith Hotel" ...
 bedside, (the hippo is a talking flashlight)
 and in the living room.
There are more spread around the house.  I always have tons of flowers.


  1. It turned out beautifully! So happy and inspiring!

    E + H

  2. I love how you place everywhere flowers. The yellow with the daffodils is perfect and lovely.
    (they all are) The table setting is very smart, I noticed the different coloured napkins matching the colours in the placemats. The pretty blue candles add a little twist, it makes it interesting. I think your guests will be very happy. I always like to prepare a nice table it is part of the fun having guests.
    what is on the menu?

  3. Gorgeous Pat - I love the arrangement and the flowers all over. You are so lucky - we have 2 ft of snow in the back yard still!!! I heard it is almost cherry blossom season in DC- we are going to come for it some year.
    xo Terri


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