Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maple Road

This was our first house.  PSU grad student living space.  We have very few pictures of this.
No staging here.  Living room.  Note desk, wing chair, mirror, tables and lamps!  Playing the guitar with T these days.  Still have 'em.

View to the kitchen.  Magazine rack, Martha Washington sewing table, lamp. stool in the kitchen.  Still have 'em.
Kitchen.  Whale board Dad made me, blender,copper tea kettle, Corning coffee pot (I use it for cooking asparagus), table, chair. Even that green Tupperware bowl! Still have 'em.
Bedroom. Dresser, bed, red/black blanket "Rutgers" made by PFS's Aunt Mary, bookcase, clock, "big white thing"...still have 'em.
The ONE closet, and a view of the bathroom.  Dresser, little shelf, mirror.  Still have 'em.
See why I say we STILL live like grad students?
This housing has been taken down and replaced with new buildings.


  1. Pat,

    You had WICKED nice stuff for grad students. Antiques! Glorious things there. I do like that table. I love that it has that drawer. Good hiding place for tissues and lip balm and all that necessary stuff by the bedside. Really a perfect table for a reader to pile her pile. Did not notice the great side drawer from the picture you sent. Love this!

    I love your window sill with all your house plants (green thumb even then!) and that little telephone (sewing?) table with the cool lamp and nice other living room lamps and that chair that the guitar is on is lovely - do you still have that? Really it was a lovely home, even then!! It appears you always had classic great taste!

    xo Terri

  2. I love that you ' still have um.' Do you know how lucky you are? Very much like me. Still have most all of it, just cannot part with my life.

  3. Fun to know so many things are going through live with you.


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