Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week-end Finds

Great estate sale this past week-end.
First on Friday I got "material" for $6.  This had been made into curtains, but it was my favorite sheet pattern.
Really brand new.  King and full sizes, both lined with plain white sheets.  My little seam ripper made quick work of that while I watched March Madness.  (Go VCU.)  Into the laundry and on to a bed.  SIX dollars people!!
On Sunday I went back for 1/2 price day and got some bargains.
Two boxes $3 ...
already on the laundry room shelf for flower supplies.  Knew they'd be the perfect size.
A woven coverlet in poor condition $20, I'm thinking pillows or maybe a Christmas tree skirt?  Great red and green color ...
Candle sticks with a charming etched design, one repaired but I don't care. $7.
Plus a blue glass canning jar for coffee on the counter, $4.
And I got someone else who was hesitating to give a good home to a lovely Flying Geese quilt for $125.  Not my colors or I'd have taken it.

And from Goodwill ... PFS found an Altman poster, framed, $14.50.  I baby sat from Altman once when we were at Penn State where he taught art.  We have other original works by him.  Think I'll paint the frame black. The color doesn't show here but it has nice subdued greens.  Plus another unframed one even cheaper at $3.50.


  1. Wowzers. You did a bit of all right. These are great finds.

  2. Did you do well! Love the them all over the place and the last print is cool...nice stuff girly!


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