Monday, October 31, 2011

The Idea KId

Every Halloween it is a new challenge.  It was easy before they could talk.  RR engineers in Oshkoshs and kerchiefs, construction workers in hardhats riding toy trucks.  Then we grew up and got our own ideas.

We've been fish.
Ever popular and varied Star Wars characters:   Luke and R2D2,  Ewok, Darth Vader
An easy runaway boy (but with a "pirate shirt" from a museum where he had me take the measurements of a role playing costume.)
An ice cream ball rolling down the street and an empty cone (mom)
A Smart Car
Harry and company
Now a Tarantula.
It involves a skateboard and shooting string.
 I think I convinced him walking upright was a better bet for candy carrying.
Thank goodness for Harry.
Then there were the good old days as shown in this old print from an estate sale.
 Happy Halloween.

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  1. What gorgeous and creative kids!! What a good grandmum you are too!
    Last year we had 3 Harry Potters in the same family of kids (the Dad was with them and said "they all wanted to be Harry Potter" - what could I do?) What can you do? :D
    xo Terri


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