Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If I Wanted More To Collect....

I'd visit The Iron Horse in Manassas Virginia.
On a break between soccer games at the Manassas Columbus Day Tournament that's just what I did..
I found all these. (Didn't buy them.)
Yard sticks by the yard.
 Old funnels
 Sports equipment ... boy's room decor?
Billard balls ... in long frames for a game room?
 For the kitchen ... milk bottles and egg beaters.

Glass knobs for an old house restoration, or installed for a coat rack
 Great old lawn sprinkler
Vintage suitcases.
These tempted me for the laundry room. 
But my very favorite were these Kentucky Derby glasses.
I did get a mini white platter.

Tournament scores were 0-0, 1-2, and 4-1.  They found their game too late.

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