Thursday, December 1, 2011

Golden Grads

It was reunion time for Long Branch High School '61.  I must say we had a great turn out...141 from a class of 450.  Many old friends came and we missed those who were far away.
Thursday Night mixer ....
Bob and my sister
Friday dinner....
Arlene and Jim
Mark and Sally



Saturday breakfast ...
Sally and Ginny

Stan thought the dinner was Saturday night, but he made the breakfast.
Judy dropped by the Friday dinner but had another place to go.  We caught up Saturday at breakfast.
My sister, class of '64 came since she knows most of the folks in my class.
Here's a shot of the classic Tudor style school, main doors and tower.  My home room was on the top corner with Frank Lawyer, my English and drama teacher.
 The other end of the building.
 I'd really have liked to walk the halls.  But like so many things in Long Branch it has all changed.  A new and bigger campus has grown around the original building.  The Junior High is on the property now.  The football stadium has changed.
This is as close as you can get to the original building.  The building has been gutted. 
It was great to see old friends, not so great to see the school.

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