Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting To Look Like Christmas

Finally got some decorations up.  The big tree is done. Thanks to my decorators T and E.
This is a vintage ball from my MIL.
 Catch the price.
The little tree is done with the White house ornaments and birds.
A few angels.
Balls for the chandelier. I got a great buy last year on Martha's ornaments.
And our vintage foil snow flakes from childhood.
A garland for the stairs.
I added greens (when it stopped raining) for a party on Saturday.
I used holly, box and cedar from the yard.
Oops...crooked shade!  Or too much wine in the photographer?
Visit to Santa pictures.
Ode to the sea shore.
All white flowers...lilies, big and mini carnations, babies breath.
Big heirloom Rose Medallion tureen.
 Kitchen table for a party.
Kitchen counter ($2 stand from Goodwill.)
Getting the spirit of the season yet at your house?  Check out Today's Flowers # 173 for more beautiful blooms.


  1. Lovely tree and Christmas decorations. I see you have some cute birdie tree ornaments too. Wonderful photos.

  2. Super decorations Pat, so pretty. I have some White House ornaments too but you are ahead of me as I have still to get the tree up. This week's job!

  3. Your Christmas decorations are fantastic. They certainly make your home look so festive. I loved all those gorgeous white flowers too.

  4. I love all the bird ornaments, you have a great variety of seasonal decorations.


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