Thursday, January 5, 2012

Estate Sale Score

We got these over the last few weeks.  Two great quilts, total $100.  I passed up a yellow/white at $30 that had some major fabric issues.  I saw it last week in my favorite shop for $80.
I've washed one since we had a day in the 60's.  You can see the color of the water.
Three washes later.
 Drying on the deck, really white.  Thanks Oxyclean.
 All different patterns in the design.
Ready for the guest room bed.  These dishes were $5 each.
We had delirious oyster stew in them for Christmas eve dinner.  So easy....diced sweet potato, leeks, T minced ginger sauteed in butter and oil till soft, a bit of flour to thicken, milk, oyster juices.  I used my immersion blender, then added oysters and cooked till they curled.   A little salt and pepper and delish first course before the baked salmon with spinach/feta stuffing.

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  1. I need to get some of that oxy clean! It was good reminder to me too to do the multiple washings. Best wishes for a great 2012!


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