Monday, May 21, 2012

Garfield Girls

A mini reunion thanks to Facebook and Hometown Long Branch connections. A quick last minute dinner was arranged when I saw Jane was nearby at a workshop. Jane, her partner Chickie, Gail and my sister enjoyed the deck and dinner.
With the host.

We grew up on the same beach.  We rented Gail's family house after we sold 1227.  And in fact, I babysat on the street before we moved there and I remember Janie and her family when.... These are Jane 's beach photos.....cove side for swimming
and  jetty side for surfing.
Dinner was summer cuisine of New Jersey:  a quick grilled steak, asparagus, tomato and mozzarella, potato salad. Fresh berries for dessert.

Great old stories around the table.


  1. So nice that social media is what it is so that connections from the past are made. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all and your quick Jersey dinner looks delicious!

  2. just found your blog and enjoyed your pictures of the beach. Your dinner looks quite yummy as well.

  3. Sounds delish - both the food and the reminiscing!

    xo Terri


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