Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday Peony Party

The garden is in full bloom, incredibly lush.  The peonies are superb this year.

Time for a party.  Iced tea, lemonade in the kitchen. Wine and cheese on the deck.
Coffee in the dining room.

Salmon mix
 Desserts, my sister's pound cake

It couldn't have been easier.  I made the salmon mix, lemonade and coffee and whipped some cream.  The rest was from the store....grapes, berries and veggies, marinaded mushrooms and artichokes, stuffed olives from the deli bar, bread, brownies, cheese and crackers.  It's just a matter of presenting it well.  It was a perfect night on the deck, not too warm, no bugs and good friends.


  1. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X


  2. you are so right, the peonies have been spectacular this year. let's hope this rain stays gentle, and doesn't beat them down.

  3. This is your garden??? It's glorious! ... and those peonies, be still my heart... my most favourite flower and there they are, just growing in your garden! A-M xx


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