Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Journey

Our niece got married last week-end.  She DIY'd the whole celebration using  "Our Journey" as her theme.
Starting with the invitations:

The guest book was covered in a map.
One of the readings was printed on re-cycled church bulletins. 
Compasses were favors.
The tables were strewn with hearts cut from road maps and set with unmatched glassware found at thrifts and yard sales
Hearts cut from road maps were in the center piece plants and strung in garlands around the room.
Everyone took their glass home in a special bag.
The lakeside ceremony featured the wedding pictures of the bride and groom's parents.
The flowers from her garden were arranged by one of her seven sisters in Mason jars from a neighbor's estate.
Each table had a heart under four of the chairs and the lucky finder took home a plant.
 The hearts were two cutouts glued to a bamboo skewer.
Tied with red and white twine.
So simple to do.
Linda is a very clever craftswoman and Michael has an eye for antiques.  Made for each other!  Have a wonderful journey.

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