Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darn ... Missed Lucketts

What with soccer and all I missed out on the big Lucketts sale the other week.  But I found these on the side of the road.
Roadside #1 ... Wicker bench/ and installed on the deck.
Sturdy coffee table ... given to a friend, as found.
Roadside #2... Table in pieces.

Cut off the top of the posts, painted black. Cleaned the brass feet in a water/vinegar solution (magic).  Now in the family room.
Plus some good buys:
Yard sale #1 ...  Table $2, given to a friend.
Plant stand 1, washed off and put on the front porch.
Plant stand 2, painted black.  Both for $1
Yard sale #2 ... Pillows, three patterned, one orange, outdoor fabric, $10 for all (pricey by my standards that day).
Estate sale .... A tapestry pillow
Two pewter mugs with a mint julep cup insert. Total $3.

Great for flowers. Score!  That's my kinda shopping.


  1. Honestly you find the BEST stuff. You are in a good part of the world for old good stuff too. Honestly, I swear everything here comes from China.

    Love that new table. David loves pewter mugs. I gave him one for his birthday and he drinks his (occasional) beer from it and just loves it. He keeps it frosty in the freezer. Who knew?!

    Love julep cups too. Wish I lived closer. Sorry you missed the Lucketts sale but it sounds like you have no trouble finding bargains.

    xo Terri

  2. Pat; from old make new, you did this admirably.
    Here in Australia, we do not get stuff like this so cheap. Here they ask for anything old an arm and a leg! Even if it needs a lot of work to be done they still might ask up to 50$ for a broken chair!


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