Friday, June 8, 2012

First Thursday

Summer means 1st Thursday celebration in Del Ray. And it's the end of school so everyone is cramming in festivities. Today and tomorrow there are four separate one act plays at a middle school involving lots of microphones. Tonight T's GOR ( Gods of Rock) played at an ice cream social at an elementary school
Then raced to Del Ray to play.  Mean while E was performing at their school's spring recital with a cello solo.

He practiced hard in warmups.
He successfully played his cello solo. Down in Del Ray they were counting the take from T's guitar case.
We ate dinner late, needless to say!.  I threw together squash and tomato from the farmers market and cooked up some crab cakes that were on sale.



  1. I love Del Ray. Have you been to Cheesetique? Hope your summer flowers are glorious.


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