Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Renovation: Bathroom

Big demo started Tuesday in the master bathroom. Here's what's coming. Inspiration photos:
from MyFrenchCountryHome
We're getting a Kohler Archer whirlpool tub from plumbingsupply,com. Came as promised on Tuesday.
Hansgrohe shower, ordered by individual pieces rather than a set. from, with no thresh hold and a Schluter Kerdi drain linear drain system, a glass enclosure and door.
White 8x10 subway tile.
Two rows of rope trim with three rows of 1x6 between.
 Floor (I know it says wall, but the same on the floor.)
I bought this to use for the sink. On sale.
But I'm swapping with my daughter (perfect for her house) and taking my mom's dinning room buffet. It's a tad longer, has more storage and I won't feel bad painting it. Yeah, I know painted furniture is all the rage.  I just can't bring myself to paint nice wood. This buffet has some veneer issues and dings that need repair. No hard feelings about the paint option.

TBD....Stainless sink or white?
American Standard  wall mounted faucets
 Lights (installs pointed down)
A floorplan like this.

Walls not tiled, but this idea
 or probably this
Anyway, it will be something like this. 
I LOVE my iPad! I did all my research, kept my files in Evernote, iPhoto, and my favorite app ... SketchBook.


  1. What fun! I used to refinish furniture for a living, and I so enjoyed the possibilities each older piece of furniture represented. Every piece was a story!

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  3. Your plans for new the bathroom is very interesting. Where did all those inspiration come from? They're very good choices, Pat and they'll perfectly fit your ideal design. I hope you consulted with professional contractors for this renovation so that you'll be sure that you've invested in a mishap-free house. Keep me posted for the upcoming changes in your bathroom. Oh wait, update me with the kitchen renovation as well! :)

  4. I’m partial to gray, plus the neutral color can easily complement other colors that you plan to integrate into it, especially if it’s a shade of white, be it ivory or dirty white. I also like that you’ve gone with both the frameless shower and tub. Would love to see it when it’s all finished!

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