Friday, May 17, 2013

The Big Dig

A little home improvement has been under way.  We decided to put in "egress windows" to make the downstairs bedrooms legal.  To save the raspberry patch the crew dug by hand.
 Demo the wall

 Half done


 Framing the hole

This is the well by RockWell, installed by AquaGuard from Beltsville, MD. I highly recommend them. The crew was very neat. Not to mention inventive.  They had a small microwave they plugged up to heat their lunch. (Wish I had a picture of that!)
 The first well is in place.

After it is in place gravel and a sump pump are installed
Volta Electric neatly ran a new outlet from the velectric box at the far side of the basement.  (I highly recommend them!) The pipe drains into the raspberry patch, but I don't expect the pumps will ever be needed.

 Windows go in next.

 Wow! from this.....
 To this!
What an improvement!
 Well covers in place. No rain short of a "Sandy" will be getting in here.
I'll be planting a cutting garden here.
Everything was totally cleaned up. Even though a freak snow storm put them behind in starting the project they were finished by my deadline. They left at 2 PM and my HomeForExchange friends arrived at 4 PM for a successful visit. We did a barter. Marcel is an artist and brought me some art work.

I encouraged him to start a blog.  Go visit Marcel Serraillier at Visual Impact  to see more of his art.


  1. Pat, that is a smart idea - egress windows - for your downstairs bedrooms. It is so nice getting workers in who are good at what they do and smart and nice. LOVE that wee painting. Must go see more of his work.
    I bet your garden is off to a great start. Ours is just getting out of the ground.
    xo Terri

  2. P.S. I LOVE the idea of a cutting garden. I always thought that was a brilliant idea....

    xo T.


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