Sunday, May 26, 2013

Peony Party

Last Sunday I thought the peonies would be in full bloom. Thanks to the chilly weather they were just starting to pop. But I had a party planned (and a good thing since the rain this week was not kind to the flowers even when they are tied up).

The iris I transplanted from my mom's in New Jersey have also come on strong this year.
This is a great watercolor of Paris by Marcel Serraillier of Visual Impact.
Drinks set up in kitchen.
Food in the dining room (formerly the living room, I like to switch things out). Cured salmon, chicken salad, biscuits, cheeses and veggies.
Desserts in the "music room", brownies, pound cake and berries..
Kids first move was to sync to the wi-fi so they could play Mindcraft.
They were finally lured outside for soccer. Luckily the forecasted rain held off and we had sun by the end of the day.
The peony border outside the dining room windows.
By the end of this week they were in full bloom.  Join up with Today's Flowers #248 to see more of what's in bloom around the world.


  1. What a beautiful garden you have....(very slight envy). :)

    xo Terri

  2. I always forget to tie mine until it's too late. I took pictures yesterday and today rain so I think I lucked out.
    Beautiful shots and what a lovely party set-up!

  3. Great to bring some of your garden inside. Those peonies look real pretty in your vases. Thanks for sharing Pat and enjoy the rest of your week.

    Today’s Flowers
    An English Girl Rambles


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