Monday, August 12, 2013

Renovation: Bathroom Vanity II

To finish up on the vanity transformation....

The vanity moved inside before the holes were cut ... probably could/should have done that in the garage since it was very dusty.
With the vanity in place the electrician could come back and set the lights.
The top was set in place but the stone guys had to come and cut the back for the faucets.
The top was glued down first.
Very careful measuring to get it right.
 Perfect fit
 The final slabs on the shower wall went in  next.
Both drawers are useable. I was going to have the drawers taken to a cabinet maker, but decided I could DIY it. I added a guide for each drawer.
Put an additional guide on the drawer.
Stabilized and made compartments for each drawer with 1x4, wood glue and screws.
It gives me most of the two top drawers. The whole thing is turning out close to my sketches.
We are loving it.


  1. At long last, the hole for drilling is finally done! Wasn't that the thing that was holding up the sink installation? I think I saw that post back in July. I’ve been following your bathroom renovation progress since then, so it’s nice to finally see it done. =) Jared @


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