Monday, August 12, 2013

Renovation: The End In Sight

So near and yet so far! Last piece of the puzzle: shower enclosure.
 Tub has been approved.
This was the wainscoating. Not rockin' my world.
 Gaps galore.
Lots of caulk, two coats of paint and the trim I added ... thanks Dad for leaving me your mitre box ... a great improvement.
Brought back the towel rack and African violets.
Glass may come this week! In the mean time I could not wait a day longer to use the shower.
Not too pretty but it works for me.


  1. It being simple was what made it look good, Pat. You can just alter the design if you want to. At this moment, it's more important that you already have a bathroom to use. Anyway, are you working with some contractors? If not, I know they can work on the gaps that you posted. It will look better without those distracting gaps.

  2. I'm sure you've thought of the details of your bathroom while you're redesigning it. This could be so simple to others, but it's a product of your creativity and you should be proud of it. But, I believe that you must repair the distracting gaps. We're not sure if those gaps can harm you, might as well be rid of them, just to be sure.

    Roman Rozic

  3. Gaps aside, the renovations ended up a fine sight. You can just remedy those gaps later. Ryann is right, these gaps would've been fixed easily if you were working with contractors. You can find good ones by asking for a friend's recommendation or by doing research on who’s trusted in the industry. Arthur


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