Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter and a Birthday.

Easter flowers and eggs...
 Of course a hunt for the three boys...
 Like they needed more sugar?
Finally, my sister's birthday. It often falls on Easter.  When she was three we had just moved the day before and were worried about the Easter bunny finding us. Easter morning we looked out a window to the big new yard and saw...I kid you not... a big WHITE bunny. (Never seen again.) We have always believed. The cake was not too neat, but can't argue with chocolate and whipped cream.
More sugar anyone?

More flowers are in bloom over at Today's Flowers #294.


  1. What lovely flowers!
    I lived in Alexandria for many years -- wonderful town!

  2. All super photographs Pat, loved the flowers and the family photos, as well as the Easter Egg hunt.

  3. Beautiful flower arrangements, Pat!!! I hope you are enjoying time outside in the garden. I spent yesterday cutting back a lot of dead camellias, which got hit really hard this winter. Afraid I lost 70% of them. And the rest look pretty lanky. Fingers crossed.


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