Wednesday, January 21, 2015

French Sheets, French Seams

Estate sale buy ... twelve vintage French linen sheets. Seven priced at $55, others less. I scooped up the 10, 15, 45 and 55 dollar sheets. I went back the second day and got half price on the last $15 ones six $55 dollar bunch. Total $265. Considering the price good of sheets I say deal!
1 Drawn thread design with diamonds inset. $55
2 Plain ladder drawn thread work. $55
3 Plain small drawn thread design. $15
 4 "BH" monogram with large tied and drawn thread work, some repairs, 72x115, $45

5 "BH" monogram with small drawn, tied thread work, 82x107. $55
6 Drawn thread, 80x120. $15
7 Plain, 66x90. $15
8 Plain, 70x120. $10
9  Fancy "BS" monogram in a diamond with drawn thread work, 56x88. $55
10 Big "BH" with drawn, tied thread work, some stains, $55
11 Ladder drawn thread work, 67x96. $15
 12 "BS" monogram in a 30's typeface with drawn thread work. $55
 Some had minor stains and mending.
You can see the length laid out on a double bed.
But the width while OK for a double is generally narrow for my queen sized bed.
So like a thrifty French housewife who would seam her sheets when the middle was thin and put the two good sides to the middle, I added on. I gritted my teeth and cut the $10 #9 plain sheet in four lengths. I hemmed the raw edge of two pieces and French seamed them to # 12 and #1.
Coverage achieved! Now I can tuck them in and I have sheet coverage on my side of the bed. I'm using them. I do wash on gentle in cold water and hang them either outside or on a line in the basement. If I were really "Martha" and had her nice mangle and housekeeper they'd be pressed. But I'm not and I don't so they dry flat enough for me. Heck if I were rich I'd have clean sheets every night!


  1. Lovely linen sheets. Very beautiful, the few signs of mending add to their charm. You have cleverly added on the side so you can use them. My mother had a big trousseau of linen embroidered and crocheted edges,
    I just bought some new sheets made from pure bamboo. It is quite a narrow weave, probably 600 threads. when they are wet they are a bit heavier than pure cotton, but when dry they feel pure luxury as fine as silk. Sweet dreams on your vintage linen.

  2. OMG! I am sooooo jealous. I went to the Jr. League's sale the other day and they were selling crisp old cotton sheets for $50!


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