Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Bash

What a week-end.  Many surprises.   PFS's big birthday was Friday (70).  His SIL Jo, his nieces, Beth, and Linda with her new husband Mike came down from  NJ.   Dave, an old EPA comrade was staying here and had arrived Tuesday from Arizona.  We had a family dinner with cake and blueberry pie.  (I was a little busy, so there aren't too many pictures.)
They just left our house for their hotel as the rip roaring storm came though.  The limb that fell just missed their car as they went out the drive.  No one got a picture of the full limb on the lawn.
The hotel was dark and so were we. (And 400,000+ others.)  That was just the beginning.
Saturday I had a party for 80 planned for the birthday boy.
By dumb luck I had ordered up a bar-b-q instead of DYIing it.  The new neighbors at our old house are so fantastic.  I'd met Lauren and I'd noticed the cooking rig in the drive and asked about it.  Jerry was free and I jumped on the chance to have him cook for me.  I totally recommend Heavenly Hogs Bar-B-Q !
Jerry and Mark make the best bar-b-q, beans and potato salad.  They each had a rub.  They are practicing for a competition and perfecting their recipes.  My daughter took one taste and said no one should plan to start a diet this week.

Jerry took me shopping at Fresh World, an international food store in the Springfield area on Wednesday for pork butt and chicken, and fix-in's.  That trip was an education in and of itself.  Live eels and flounder, whole lambs, jackfruit and other fruits and vegetables that were exotic to me.  Fifty kinds of rice and beans.  A Wine and Sake section.  More Asian/Central American/halal food.  And dirt cheap.  Jerry set up in the drive Friday afternoon.   Here's the rig with PFS and my partner Michael.
Jer was here Saturday at 6 am to start the oak fire. 
I set up the tables and chairs on the lawn.  I layered red with the blue and white table clothes I got for $10. 
Chairs were scattered about.
Jer brought a corn hole game too.
Shade from the trees and umbrellas made it almost pleasant to be outside.
Hydrangeas imported from our niece's NJ garden were the center pieces.
Plus some flowers from my garden.
"The Gods of Rock" were set to play.  I had a stage and sound system set up (thanks Michael) .... but surprise ...  no electricity for them. Well think outside the box, be resourceful!  I actually had a generator lined up from a neighbor, but Mark was first to the rescue.
He found a bigger generator AND a chainsaw!  He cut up the tree limb, hooked up the power and the show went on.  The band was a great success.  Mind you the drummer is eight, and great!  Really!
Many old friends and colleagues came out despite the heat,  trees on their houses or no electricity.
My surprise guest for PFS was the friend who introduced us.  David was PFS's  friend at Rutgers, but my friend from childhood.  Our parents were part of a group formed in the '30's.  I tracked him down in Maine and he got a plane to BWI where our son picked him up on his way down from Philly.
David was a trooper in the 100 degree heat with no AC and no lights.
Crack of dawn Sunday:  Dave left for Arizona; our son and wife left for Bermuda (6/29 was their anniversary); and we were left with our third grandson.  I was even able to make blueberry pancakes (I love a gas stove) for the seven folks still here.   PFS drove to BWI with David after lunch, happy in the car with AC blasting.  We got electricity Monday at 6 AM.  My sister's won't be on til Friday.  Today I cleared the fridge and freezer and let the laundry begin!  Three days of sweaty clothes, towels and sheets.  I have to say it was one of the most successful parties I've given despite the obstacles. 


  1. wow - is your home BEAUTIFUL! no nice to meet a local :) and the hydrangeas -- wishing I could grow them like that! Happy 4th

  2. Looks like a fantastic party! Hope you got everything in before the storm! Our neighbors in Manassas just got power last night. We luckily never lost it, but had 5 big trees down.
    Happy 4th!


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