Friday, July 20, 2012

What Doesn't Belong In This Picture?

You know the see a picture and pick out the objects that don't fit in.  Well here some snaps from my iPhone of an estate sale.  The house has been on the market, off and on, for at least three years.  Of course I've looked at it.  The original ask was 2.3 mil.  It dropped over the years to 1.3.  Now it is being rented, but will be back on the sale market I was told.  This very modern house will appeal to a very specific buyer, who hasn't shown up yet.

 Anyhoo, they were selling off the furnishings.  Very high end stuff.

 These were reasonable at $45 each.
Stuck up on the balcony was an oak bookcase.  For $45 it landed here in my garage.

 The top was broken, but a nice clean break.

 Wood glue and clamps later it was all better.

 Brass leaned up nicely with a water and vinegar soak.

 Ready to move.
I had been looking for shelves for the closet.

It belongs in this picture!

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  1. Glad your cabinet found a new home!
    When, where & why are you coming to Normandy?


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