Thursday, July 12, 2012

Laundry Room

The Washington Post Living Section writers must have been spying on me.  The article in the paper on June 28 was titled "Seven Deadly sins of Dated Decorating" As if planning a party and traveling to a wedding isn't enough,  I decided I could not stand the geese border another day.  (Sin # 3 I think).
I generally don't take pictures in here!  So at noon I started stripping.
The geese were original to the house, and the wall had not been primed under them.  Of course I had a supply of primer on hand, so I painted my way around the room. I had some left over paint so I mixed  1/3 from my daughter's office to 3/4 can of white and started to paint.
It dried a bit darker than in the can, but it is still a misty, changeable in the light seaside sky.

Done at 10.  Then I made dinner.  Steak and tomato salad.
We took a break to go to a wedding in New Jersey.  Monday I did touch up and hung the art work.
Mud room side ... shoes, swim bag, TKD bag, coats and hats.
 Storage side
Laundry side
I try to keep magnets on the far side of the fridge.  I like the pictures, but not the visual clutter.
The neon lights are not so pretty and I'd like to change them some day, but I do like to see the miss matched socks.  In the top corner you can just see the washboard collection that hides the dryer vent.
The little crib quilt hides supplies.
I moved the racks to the outside of the tub.
Rugs to cover tile floors.  Bird seed container and trash bins in the lower corner, out of the line of sight.
I still want to go back and touch up the trim.  But it looks SO much better.

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  1. You did a great job, it looks so fresh and revitalised now.


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