Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renovations: Bathroom Standing Still

I hope today brings on a full court press. We've been at a stand still for a week.  The tile looks amazing.

The shower is in place and working.
 The hold up is the sink. It's waiting for holes to be drilled in the stone for the faucets to be set.


  1. Thanks for sharing the renovation you made in your bathroom with us.
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  2. Everyone seems to say the same thing about renovations - delays and things that don't work and too much money. I wonder if anyone ever did a job on budget, on time and superior quality work?

    Lookin good though. xo Terri

  3. This is a great progress. I read your first post regarding your project and I could see the tons of work but now, it's slowly taking shape. With a small touch up, I'm sure your long wait and hard work will pay off soon. -->Ryann Hoyer @

  4. You keep your readers updated about your bathroom renovation from the start up to the end of this project. I’m sure that you feel happy and fulfilled now that you finally have your dream bathroom. You can just imagine how it looked like before, and seeing how beautiful it is now is just magical! Congrats!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express


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