Tuesday, July 23, 2013

French Chef

We had a most delightful and flavorful Sunday dinner prepared by our French visitor.  Delphine arrived to take a two week English course at Kaplan. She is the daughter of our home exchange family from last summer. and loves DC. Her English proficiency was already top rate, plus she speaks Portuguese and met several Brazilians in the class. By chance one of her school friends from France was on the same plane to  do a camp counselor course so she had a home town pal in DC. She is the best tourist ever. She walked and Metroed all over town.

Sunday she made dinner while I worked on the bathroom renovation. (Yes, that's still in progress!)  Onion and quiche Lorraine were on the menu along with a tomato/avocado salad and a cherry dessert
 I gave a little help with the crust.
 Our friends Jim and Carol joined us.
 The boys came in time for desert.
 Bon appetit.

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  1. Bon appetit! Lucky you,everything look delicious! A bientot.


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