Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Renovations: Bathroom Vanity I

The new vanity is my mom's old dining room breakfront. I've been working on that while the construction proceeds.
 Sanded and patched.

A couple of the drawers needed repairs to the slides. I was lucky to find the perfect tool at a week-end yard sale: a small plane for the discounted price of $6.30. I put it right to use on the lath that was just a smidge too wide.
I ended up making two shorter slides to put under the top and second drawers since the center slide was cut for the sink.
 I used the weights where I couldn't fit a clamp.

Primed twice. The first coat with Beher seemed to be bleeding so I did a second coat with

Finally got to the real painting. A mix of a blue and gray from the paint pile. Two coats and two top sealer coats.

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