Thursday, July 4, 2013

Renovations: Its Always Something

I say: " #$@&*%^ it's always something." We went out of town a week end ago to do child care in Philadelphia, leaving on Thursday afternoon.  I was a bit concerned about leaving. The tub was being set on Friday and tile work done over the week-end. No plumber so no tile! The sink top arrived at 8am Monday morning.  It looks great, but the vanity is still in the garage. Cuz no plumber, so no tile, so no tub, so no vanity install.
The plumber showed up and now the tub and faucets are in place.

 Kinda forgot to turn the house water OFF so there was a bit of spray ... like up the wall.

The plug for the motor is not hooked up to the dedicated circuit yet but the tub works with an AC cord. Looks great.

However, the plumber noted a leak in the basement! Not from the bathroom work or pin hole leak as investigation determined.
The repairman on the washing machine (months ago) had not tightened the hose well and it had been leaking quietly behind the machine all this time.
I wondered why the floor tiles seemed looser than usual! It had just gotten to the saturation point where the rug was getting wet today.  I'd had the rug up last Tuesday and all was fine.
Thank goodness the contractor was on site to pull down the ceiling and clean up the mess. (Some mice evidence up there too! Traps being set.) Fans on at full strength to dry it out. Hoping for bathroom floor tile on Tuesday.

Well I meant LAST Tuesday! Finally on Monday, a week later, the base floor was laid and today tile is actully going down on the floor!

Now it's Wenesday and we are making slow progress.

Today while we were at Dulles picking up our last years home exchange family's wonderful daughter (coming to study English for three weeks) the toilet went in place.

But the end is not in sight. No work on the Fourth.

Have a safe one.


  1. It's definitely never dull! Such adventures can get expensive. Your home is looking beautiful, though!

  2. I just want to say WAO....

    Bathroom renovation

  3. There’s a lot of things to look forward to your home renovation. The progress may be delayed because of the absence of the plumber. But when the plumber came, everything fell into place. Also, it’s a good thing that he found out about the leak in your basement.

    Leeanne @


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