Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chair Makeover

This is a curbside shop find. It has been in the garage waiting for its day in the sun.

We went to the July DC Flea (couldn't wait for Eddie Ross's September tour). I found two pieces of material for a total of $5.00. (Plus a cute mirror and some dirt cheap Rose Medallion dinner plates to add to the family collection. We actually do eat off the Rose Medallion on holidays.) It pays to shop a flea on Sunday at 4:55.

The chair legs had been painted brown. Love the foam stripper. Just used my fav "Restore" stuff on them afterward.

Pinned on the fabric, stitched it up and stapled it on.

Tucked it in tight.

I had just enough fabric to make some cording and cover the top of the cushion.

Here it is in the sitting room.

Curbside shopping rules.


  1. I'ts always fun to see how other people tackle things like this. I've seen a few directions on other blogs. I have my "part 2" almost ready to post.(the chair cover part) I do things a little different from you. Your way looks so much easier! Well anyway, yours turned out beautiful! I love the 2 tone look. gteat post. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Amazing redo of the chair! I'm so impressed!


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