Monday, September 7, 2009

Beach Time

We've just come back from the North Carolina beach. We got there along with "Bill" so at first the water was too rough for little surfers. It finally calmed (sorta) for rides on the soft surf board.

Then along came the next storm and the flags were up.

So we built castles, caught sand crabs, and went fishing.

These were not our fish!

We kept pulling up crabs... we decided to go big time and get a trap and a chicken neck. Boy do they smell when left in the car!

We only got one keeper, and our animal rights kid is a catch and release boy. I bought soft shells for dinner.
We did see some fish thanks to our new friend Matt. He had way with a net and the patience to keep throwing for his audience.

This little croaker really does croak!

After a beautiful sunset the sea was still up the morning we left. Skim boarding on the belly boards was our last run.

So long summer.

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