Friday, September 11, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I like my hair long because I'm basically lazy and cheap. No bother to put it up, it is cool and out of the way and no hair appointments. When I do cut it, often before I hit the beach, I try to have enough left to still be able to pull it back. I need at least eight inches to donate to cancer patients. Well, its been a year plus and we were getting ready for the beach. T took this picture of me last month.

I took this one of him...

and his brother E. It was time for school cuts as well.

Here is the new short hair look for second grade...

...well mine is not too short.
The leftovers look like this and are on their way to Pantene / Beautiful Lengths / 511 Wisconsin Drive / New Richmond, WI 54017-2613.

It's good to give.

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