Monday, September 28, 2009

Week-end Work

The mile long yard sale was Saturday. Just as the rain started I found these four harp back bent wood chairs ($20 for all four). Perfect for my daughter's dining room.

They came from a church hall originally.

I glued one leg, tightened one back piece and used my favorite restore product.

I had six cushions (on sale at the grocery store $1 each a few weeks ago) that I'd been saving for a good use.

I stitched on a length of ribbon for ties and there they were...all fixed up.

My SIL had two of these chairs languishing on the porch.

The seats were off so I got some black vinyl and the two extra cushions and recovered them.

Lookin' good.

And for my sister, I also used the restore on a small marble top dresser that my parent bought for $25, the first year they got married. It has been in the garage for three years, since the move from NJ. I love the signature I found on the bottom of the two small drawers. "John Schraer/Newark NJ." He must have cut the bottoms from the same piece of wood.

I took out the old silver cloth and relined the top drawer.

I cleaned the brasses with a salt and vinegar solution (shades of chem class) and polished them off with a thin coat of olive oil. There was actual detail of hearts on the door handle.

It looks great.

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