Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas House Tour

Here's a Holiday House Tour.  The back entrance.
 But please come in the front.

The entry.  I added fresh greens to the swag.

 I get out pictures from Christmases past and use them with some small oil lamps by the front door.

c 1918 My Mom and Aunt Jean on their sled in Belleview NJ; 1972 at E Brunswick NJ MIL,J, C and me; 1944 or 5 Santa and me, Newark NJ; Santa, 2005 E and T, Richmond VA

  The living room

 The living room looking right and left.

A pewter tray and little pitcher with magnolia leaves in the living room with a sea shell tree and some loose shells honor my beach roots. I add flowers to all of these for Christmas.  This one gets heather to tie in with the plate.

 The dining room

This shell tree I made for Mom.  She always kept it in the dining room too.

The kitchen ... most of the crazy Christmas cactus bloomed at Thanksgiving.

  The family room

The old accordion from my MIL and the red truck from my FIL sit with crocks and a pewter pitcher under the TV.

E's nutcracker.
The second family and dining  room

I'm always changing it around and replenishing the greens throughout the season.  The snow broke off several large magnolia branches so I have a ready supply and the tree guys have free greens.

Be sure to stop by Hooked on Houses Holiday House Tour to see some amazing and creative decorating.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Christmas to all.

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  1. I adore touring your Christmas home...so wonderful to see I'm not alone in Really getting into decorating...I only wish I could leave everything up year round. Your Home is lovely and I must admit to being jealous that you can grow magnolia....I have only seen them on visits way south of WI. I will visit you again...we think alike and love sharing our families. A safe and happy New Year to you and yours.

    Blessings Be Yours


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