Sunday, December 6, 2009

Basic Brown

Today's Flower's #69 has images from around the world.  Take a look.  Here are mine.
Autumn has turned the yard basic brown..
Japanese Maple leaves (formerly red)

 Pine cones




  Even at the farm market, shades of brown.

 On the mantle grass and feathers.

 Part of the mostly walnut leaf pile.

 The only bright spot ... there's a boy under there.
 It's been a brown and rainy week.


  1. wow adorable boy in a pile of leaves... Following your blog now.

    Here's my share for Today's Flower.

  2. I really like your brown photos, the potato-pic should be in a food magazine!

    /Hanne, Denmark

  3. A great group of photos, even though we are on different coast my yard looks pretty much the same at the moment. Love the last shot, that is so cute.
    Through Squirrel Eyes

  4. Brown and beautiful. A series of lovely images, especially the one of the little boy in the pile of leaves. Now that's a great Autumn photograph!

  5. Lovely browns, lovely textures and close-ups. The last pic is cute.

  6. Nature is beautiful in any colour, form and shape.
    Love the little boy in the pile of walnut leaves.
    May I ask what do you do with all the leaves?
    Walnut leaves contain chemicals that suppress plant growth, so adding them to your compost or flower beds would be counterproductive.


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