Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trim the Tree Part 3

This is the tree my sister gave me.  She spends most of the holiday here or at her daughter Kate's house and has not put a tree up for several years.  (Then it snowed so she bought one anyway to put up while she was stuck in the house!)  This one is a nice slim shape that fits well behind the little Victorian sofa in the living room.  E was so happy to have another tree to decorate.  We used all the White House ornaments that we've collected over the years...starting in '81. 

Love the starry sky back on this one.  Each year they get more complex.

Then E added our bird collection.  E said this eagle belonged front and center because the tree is about America.

The cardinal is the state bird of Virginia and gets the place of honor on the top and again in the branches of the tree.

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