Monday, December 21, 2009

Vintage Toys Come Out To Play

I love old toys and find them hard to resist at sales.  I try to bring them out to play at Christmas.
This little doll is quite old.  She's one of the things I have from the summer of 1948 when Bea was clearing out her Aunt Carrie's house in Asbury Park.

She sits in my desk all year, waiting for Christmas.

She likes this sampler from 1815 and the little vintage seed boxes from a Virginia nursery.  This is her friend c 1950 made by my Nana's friend Elsie.  I like to think they enjoy the pictures of children that surround them.

The little lead figures in two sizes come from PFS's Aunt Martha.

I also like boxes, books and mini furniture.  This little cupboard  is a favorite along with the tobacco boxes, the mini pinball and the old irons.

We have some other old games hanging downstairs.

The truck belonged to my FIL.  It is carries: The Nutcracker, The Velveteen Rabbit and two diaries from 1910 and 1915.  The book in front is The Little Fur Family.

 This rocking horse lives on the hearth year round.  My Dad made him c1944.

The wicker carriage is old, but semi restored.  It cost $20 at a sale here's a before and after.

Here it is for Christmas.

This swing I had as a child.  We had a big one in the yard that we rocked to the moon.  Raggedy Ann and Hail Growlie are much calmer swingers.

Raggedy Andy is riding the bike bought in State College in 1969.  My son's first purchase at auction.

Not quite vintage, Stephen Bear (in green) is 1971 and very well loved. "Bebe" in her red pjs sitting in an old cradle from a yard sale.

The toys all like to play at Christmas.  After we unwrap presents they live under the tree.

Be sure to visit Anything Goes Here for more Vintage Christmas Monday #5 treats.  Happy Christmas to all.


  1. I enjoyed seeing ALL your vintage toys. I had some Raggedy Anns but passed them on to a young gal who was collecting them. (I have too many collections to live with!)

    I stayed long enough to see posts of your recent snow. Snow is beautiful, but also a nuisance and problem sometimes! Stay warm and safe & have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  2. What a sweet collection of toys and they all look go great together at Christmas!

    Thank you so much for participating in Vintage Christmas Mondays this year.

    A Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    xo Joan, your hostess

  3. I love all of your vintage toys, but especially the Chinese checkers! I don't know why, but ever since I bought a vintage one this summer, I've fallen in love with the colors and graphics on them. I want more!
    Happy VCM and Merry Christmas!

  4. Pat - I love all of your old toys - I especially love the doll that lives in your desk. I, too, have field guides and river rocks on my desk. I'm hoping to post tomorrow about the over the top decorations down here in Richmond.


  5. Fabulous collection of definately are a kid at glad that they bring you so much joy. Thanks for sharing these!!
    xOxO Nerina :)


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