Sunday, March 7, 2010

Famous Flowers

I received these flowers last night ...
from  the star of An Iranian in Heaven ...
Ocsar nominated, Emmy winning actress  Shohreh Aghdashloo.  She is very warm and charming in person.  I loved her in The House of Sand and Fog and her 2009 Emmy Award winning supporting role on the HBO original miniseries, House of Saddam.  She has also been seen on the TV series 24.
Together with her husband, actor, playwright and director Houshang Touzie, they preformed in Washington (well technically Alexandria) on Saturday night.
 I did the light design and hung the show.
It was a packed house (1300) and a long night.  I wish I knew Farsi because the play got many, many laughs, long applause and flowers for the stars.  Which came to me!

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  1. A beautiful bouquet for you.

  2. excellent flowers! i like the white roses. House of Sand and Fog was really well done, but too sad for me!

  3. A beautiful bouquet of flowers. I recognized this lady immediately. She is a wonderful actress and also a lovely person as I have seen her being interviewed. She comes across very warm and down to earth. A very interesting post indeed and thank you so much for sharing it with Today's Flowers.

  4. What a nice compliment for you! The bouquet is very special.

  5. A nice success for you and the play! Your bouquet of flower is just beautiful.


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