Friday, March 26, 2010

Iron Bench Transformed

We got a great cast iron bench with the house.  There she is, propped up on a stump.
The two back legs were broken off and one was in two pieces.  I found them buried in the leaves.  PFS noticed one of the soccer players at the local field had welding equipment in his truck.  So for $20 he got the guy to weld the leg.
Then we found an auto body guy who put the legs back on for another $20.
I primed and painted the old gal.
Now transformed and standing steady on all fours, she looks terrific in the garden.


  1. Look fabulous! You have a beautiful home.

  2. Such an amazing find in the first place, and then to be able to save it and make it functional again is an even greater gift. Great job.
    Wonderful home to share it with.

  3. From old make new; very beautiful the old bench has turned out. It will please you for many years to come. It suits your garden.

  4. Pat, Thanks for stopping by and commenting so kindly. I was firstborn of us twins and was always the boss, so my brother says. I mothered him and Mom said he never talked because I did all the talking for him. Wonderful that you get to care for your GrandLove twins.

  5. Hi Pat, thanks for your comment on Somerset school. Pat, my personal view is to get always ahead. I think it would be an incentive for the students, as our world becomes smaller and students have now the opportunity to study in many countries of the world. Even if it is for a year to go overseas it brightens the students horizon. My eldest grandson is in medical school and I think he would like to do a stint in England, USA or even Switzerland.
    My younger grandson has just started university, he does chemical engineering plus another degree and he would like to study a year in Japan, as he has done jap. language studies. I think it is an advantage for the students to be able to study for IB.

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  7. That is so impressive!!! Love your bench, love your home and beautiful garden.


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