Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Super Clutch of Easter Eggs

I got out the Easter eggs and started putting them around the house today.  Over the years I've created quite a few, dyed with different techniques.  Here's the full clutch. 
Obviously, I blow out the egg and have it for breakfast.  This kid's ear/nose thingy makes it easier to blow out the yolks.
This year I had some new yard sale dishes to fill.

These are "drip" eggs, done by layering drips of candle wax over successive color baths. I melt off the wax and the eggs end up with a shiny finish. (Not a process for the kids.)
These are done with tissue paper and diluted white glue.
The Bear was drip and pen (the kids were into pandas that year).
And these batik eggs use old silk ties.  The method is a "Martha" and the effect of color transfer is amazing.  You can see the fabric weave.  I use blown out eggs (why be creative if ya can't keep em?) so you have be super careful wrapping the cloth.  Since they are empty I use a saucer to hold them down in the pot.  
These are displayed in old silver and rose medallion eggcups.  I date them with a Sharpie, some go back to the 80's.  I haven't made any for this year....yet.


  1. My goodness! What a collection you have! I had forgotten about that "Martha" tie dipping tip. Thanks for reminding me.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Pat, these eggs are absolutely fabulous. And you have kept them all in tact! Amazing artform...have you ever sold any of them? What a wonderful thing to do each year. I think you have given my a new tradition to share with my GrandLoves.
    Bless Your Easter

  3. Pat, what an amazing, wonderful collection of Easter eggs. The patterns and colours are gorgeous. Such a treasure to put on show in the home. You are very clever with the colours and patterns. I am sure you have also a lot of fun creating the eggs with your artistic flair.


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